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Category : Volume 5 - Issue 8-version-III


Problems of Urban Housing
Prof. S.B. Shivkumar File Size 201 KB
Opportunities and Challenges Inherent In Technical and Vocational Schools; Comparative Analysis of Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation from the Perspective of Heads of Schools and Employers
Maryam Baderh|| Mehdi Moharami File Size 397 KB
The Concept of Bullying In the Figures of a Popular Cartoon: Doraemon
Brenda Hui-Lin Hsieh File Size 361 KB
A Study On TheRelationshipBetween Teachers' EducationalBeliefsAndTheirLevel Of OpennessToOccupationalChange
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat TAŞDAN ||Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali İbrahim Can Gözüm File Size 446 KB
Implicit Leadership Perception at Context of; Intergovernmental and Nongovernmental Organizations (IGO & NGO)
Mazlum Çelik|| Süleyman İpekçi File Size 191 KB
Quality of Residents' Lives in Autonomous Regions of North Sumatra
Dr. Indra Jaya File Size 417 KB
The Theory and Practice of Faith and Reason In The Light Of Nursi's Perspective
Dr Vaffi Foday Sheriff File Size 123 KB
Integrating Ict Software in the Teaching of Accounting in Tertiary Institutions in Rivers State
Woko, I. B. Boniface,|| Williams, Cheta File Size 179 KB
Fırst Female Artısts in Turkısh Paıntıng Art Untıl Early Republıc Perıod (1908-1930) And The Issues They Touched on
Birsen ÇEKEN|| Asuman AYPEK ARSLAN|| Ġrem ERSOY File Size 294 KB
Crisis and Welfare Society in Spain
Francisco Gómez Gómez || Félix Herrador Buendía File Size 198 KB
Dynamics of Rural Development Programmes in Uttar Pradesh
Suman Kumari || Dr. Shahnawaz Alam File Size 286 KB
Effectiveness of Cooperative Learning in Enhancing Students' Essay Writing Skills in Pakistani Colleges
Muhammad Siddique|| Manvender Kaur Sarjit Singh File Size 160 KB
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