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International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention
Category : Volume-13 ~ Issue-4

Influencia de las marcas para generar consumismo en el mercado juvenil: un caso de estudio
Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco, Division Academica de Educacion y Artes (DAEA), C. Rut Rodriguez Ventura, Dra. Consuelo Rodriguez Garcia, Dra. Gabriela Hidalgo Quinto File Size 230 KB
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An investigation of spatial determinants of the birth size of child in the last two decades in India
Rahul Bawankule File Size 1.48 MB
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Exploring the Impact of Social Media on Health
Dr. Padmavati Smitesh Undale, Vedant Shinde File Size 213 KB
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The adoption of an effective European bill will be necessary to reduce food waste
Arash Derambarsh, Arash DERAMBARSH File Size 469 KB
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An untold love story between two mature lovers in search of happiness : 'She says she is addicted to him, crazy in love, drunk in his love , soulmates , their personalities fit,' 'he says he will always find her beautiful and treat her like a Queen and wants again to have children with her, he says he will accept her however she is when she comes back to him, he says he loves her manners, her perfect imperfections and their baby love Oonagh Amber and he accepts to take the blame and apologises if the world laughed at her, for her career, health, broken previous wedding '. 'He says he is here to become her husband, for eternity: An apology Poem from a sincere lover
Yudhistir S.M.F. Jugessur File Size 291 KB
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The vows of two mature lovers : Les yeux de la mama Paige , "I swear to God I do not sell fake dreams, I swear to protect you as a father protects his daughter, as a husband loves his wife , as a son respect his mother with a pure selfless love, as a mum feeds her son with her hand, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, in health, no searching of flaws and with prime devoir conjugal to love each other , no violence, no compulsory sex, care, understanding' , with baby love Oonagh Amber our blood the witness of promises made ; An account of sacred need for both sides to be faithful at all times, no touching, no kissing, no sexual intercourse with others
Yudhistir S.M.F. Jugessur File Size 233 KB
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An unseen love story, a ray of light : She says he is the only father of their baby love Oonagh Amber, the rebel , no other man, her only lover , she says she is faithful to him and will repair her past mistakes (A152) , He publicly forgives her past errors because he loves her, want her as wife, as consort , want to have more children with her, he says he cannot see her sad and will obey her . The world has mocked you, I am here to love you and become your husband: The importance of forgiveness of past errors and not to repeat same errors again among two mature lovers eager to meet and bond again
Yudhistir S.M.F. Jugessur, Researcher File Size 185 KB
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Empowering Librarians of Tomorrow: Navigating the Evolution of Library Education in a Changing World
Mr. Meghanandha C, Dr. Umesha Naik File Size 185 KB
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