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Category : Volume 2 - Issue7 (version 3)


Parents of Intellectually Disabled Children: A Study of Their Needs and Expectations
Amrita Sahay ||Jai Prakash ||Abdul Khaique || Priti Kumar File Size 315 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/02730108
Problems and Prospects of FDI in Indian Retail Sector
S. Pattu Meenakshi ||Venkata Subrahmanyam C. V. ||Dr. K. Ravichandran File Size 300KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/027309014
The Role of DNA in Criminal Investigation – Admissibility in Indian Legal System and Future Perspectives
Dr. Nirpat Patel ||Vidhwansh K Gautaman ||ShyamSundar Jangir File Size 353 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0273015021
Women's Participation on National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Manipur
Dr. N. Sharat Singh ||N. Bhubon Singh File Size 289 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0273022025
The Vanished Bloom: The Story of Korean Comfort Women
Jeongwon Choi File Size 363 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0273026028
Impact of globalizations on the Santals: A study on migration in West Bengal, India
Dr. Gurupada Saren File Size 176 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0273029033
Tryst With Destiny: Sexual Discourse and Third Gender in Select Indian Bollywood Films
Dr. Md. Habib Subhan File Size 196 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0273034042
Satire as Protest in an Indigenous Festival: The case of E f e
Ade Adejumo File Size 439 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0273043050
Significance of Buliang and the needs for its Re-vitalization in the socio-cultural milieu of the Apatanis
Bhaboklang Sohkhlet || Dani Lalyang File Size 242 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0273051056
Development of Core-Values for National Integration in Nigeria
D.A. Falade||M. Falade File Size 318 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0273057063
Dynamics of Market: A Case Study of Putting Out System in Urban Informal Manufacturing Sector of Baroda City
Dr. Sarita Agrawa || Dr.JyotiAchanta File Size 221 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0273064069
Relationship of Creativity and Intelligence of Senior Secondary Students
Dr.Suman Dalal , Ms Geeta Rani File Size 276 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0273070074
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