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Category : Volume 5 - Issue 8-version-III


Problems of Urban Housing
Prof. S.B. Shivkumar File Size 201 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
Opportunities and Challenges Inherent In Technical and Vocational Schools; Comparative Analysis of Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation from the Perspective of Heads of Schools and Employers
Maryam Baderh|| Mehdi Moharami File Size 397 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
The Concept of Bullying In the Figures of a Popular Cartoon: Doraemon
Brenda Hui-Lin Hsieh File Size 361 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
A Study On TheRelationshipBetween Teachers' EducationalBeliefsAndTheirLevel Of OpennessToOccupationalChange
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat TAŞDAN ||Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali İbrahim Can Gözüm File Size 446 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
Implicit Leadership Perception at Context of; Intergovernmental and Nongovernmental Organizations (IGO & NGO)
Mazlum Çelik|| Süleyman İpekçi File Size 191 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
Quality of Residents' Lives in Autonomous Regions of North Sumatra
Dr. Indra Jaya File Size 417 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
The Theory and Practice of Faith and Reason In The Light Of Nursi's Perspective
Dr Vaffi Foday Sheriff File Size 123 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
Integrating Ict Software in the Teaching of Accounting in Tertiary Institutions in Rivers State
Woko, I. B. Boniface,|| Williams, Cheta File Size 179 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
Fırst Female Artısts in Turkısh Paıntıng Art Untıl Early Republıc Perıod (1908-1930) And The Issues They Touched on
Birsen ÇEKEN|| Asuman AYPEK ARSLAN|| Ġrem ERSOY File Size 294 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
Crisis and Welfare Society in Spain
Francisco Gómez Gómez || Félix Herrador Buendía File Size 198 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
Dynamics of Rural Development Programmes in Uttar Pradesh
Suman Kumari || Dr. Shahnawaz Alam File Size 286 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
Effectiveness of Cooperative Learning in Enhancing Students' Essay Writing Skills in Pakistani Colleges
Muhammad Siddique|| Manvender Kaur Sarjit Singh File Size 160 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
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