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Category : Volume 6 - Issue 1-Version-III


Effect of Different Exercise Types Upon Blood Zinc and Copper Levels
Atilla Pulur File Size 301 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
Gender Differences in Military Thinking among Active Duty Personnel
D. A. Tsarouchas|| A. Igoumenou|| M. Nystazaki|| K. Krikonis|| G. A. Alevizopoulos File Size 220 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
Behavioral Screening with a Translated Measure: Reliability and Validity Evidence for the Preschool Behavior Screening System – Parent Spanish Form
Jennifer C. Rodriguez|| Ryan J. Kettler|| Kelly A. Feeney-Kettler File Size 833 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
Analysis on Mathematics Success of Students in Vocational School Evening Classes in terms of Certain Variables
Cahit Taşdemir File Size 196 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
Impact of Mass Mediated Sports Heroes on Life Style and Product Purchase Behavior among Youth
Dr. Shamala R. File Size 325 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
Relación Entre El Desarrollo Neuropsicológico Y La Creatividad En Edades Tempranas.
Verónica Ramírez Villén || Dra. Fátima Llamas-Salguero || Dra. Verónica López-Fernández File Size 138 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
Evasive/Deceptive Use of Euphemistic Language in Discourse: Barak Obama's Speech in Hiroshima
AysarYaseen,PhD File Size 242 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
Non Performing Assets (NPAs): A Comparative Analysis of Selected Private Sector Banks
Dr. Biswanath Sukul File Size 219 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
The Behavior of Some Peach and Nectarine Cultivars to Powdery Mildew (Sphaerotheca Pannosa) In Albania
Hajredin Toca|| Hekuran Vrapi|| Thanas Ruci File Size 337 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
An Analysis of Impact of Human Capital Investment on Demographic Characteristics of Human Resources: A Study of Chennai District, Tamil Nadu, India
Navin kumar Jha|| Selvaraj. M File Size 449 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
A Study of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) In Understanding the Efficacy of HRIS Tools in B-Schools"
Sibi Shaji|| Dr. B. Rose Kavitha File Size 232 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
Dimensions of National Defence Perspective in International Law
Jeffry Alexander Ch. Likadja|| Muhammad Ashri|| Juajir Sumardi|| Marwati Riza File Size 232 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
Outline of a Multidimensional Theory of Learning by Competences: An Essay about the Application of the Holospheric Learning System
Pablo Silva Machado Bispo dos Santos File Size 407 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
What Engineering of the Devices Adult Formation: Case of Professionals of Institutes OFPPT
Yalid Amal||Talbi Mohamed|| Gonegai Abdelkader|| Hanoune Mostafa File Size 185 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
Assessment of the Case on Child Development Program Students Exposed to Emotional Abuse by Their Mothers
Raziye Pekşen Akça|| Müdriye YIldiz Biçakci|| Hanife Akgül|| Rukiye Arslan File Size 405 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/xxxxxxx
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